Exchange / Return Policy

As a general assurance to our customers, the online purchased product(s) of a confirmed order will generally be checked for any possible defect before a delivery is being made.

Customers are advised to read through the Terms & Conditions for our Exchange / Return Policy and to fully understand its contents. All exchange and return of item(s) shall be subjected to local deliveries only.

Before a delivery – Customers are allowed to make amendments/changes to their confirmed order before the expected date of delivery. However, customers are to abide by the terms and conditions for such amendment/change as follow:

  1. Customer is expected to notify KIDZ LIKE US on any changes to their confirmed order(s) by contacting us at (65) 6582 5032 between 12:00pm to 5:00pm only.
  2. Any amendments/changes in a confirmed order must be made notified to us, by the next working day (from the day of your order) and timing to be no later than 1:00pm. Only a one-time change within the same order is allowed, after which, no further amendment/change will be accepted. Amendments/changes are limited to a change of colour, quantity and size only.
  3. For any change of item to another design type / clothing / footwear / accessory, the selected item has to be of an equal amount or otherwise, to pay in accordance to the amount difference. Payment must be made through a bank transfer to our designated Corporate account (United Overseas Bank Limited, Singapore - UOB account no.: 396-300-983-4) only.

    Unless a full payment has been made and received in our banking account on the amount difference, we shall not proceed to make any delivery to such order.

    Any initial date of delivery that has been scheduled to such order (also classified herein as a "Change of Order") will either be amended, suspended and/or will not be proceeded under the discretion of KIDZ LIKE US. In the event whereby a delivery order have been processed by our appointed delivery company and still no due payment(s) being made to us, a possible change of delivery date may be expected. Such change(s) in the delivery order may involve administrative fees/penalties/other charges (where necessary) as per imposed by the delivery company and this is chargeable to the customer. We shall advise you on the amended date of delivery accordingly after all due payments (such as any amount differences and/or other necessary charges) have been made to KIDZ LIKE US.
  4. In the event of a "Cancellation of Order", no refund will be allowed on any paid amount. Such amount in total shall be retained under a 'Credit Balance' in our online system and can be used on your next purchase.

All customers are advised to always do a thorough check on all delivered articles when receiving a delivery, and to notify us immediately upon finding of any defective or missing item(s).

After a delivery - If a customer wishes to request for an exchange/return on any delivered article(s), please notify us on your intention within the next Three (3) working days (from Monday to Friday, not inclusive of any Public Holidays), however, terms and conditions will apply. For online notification, please include all necessary details and information within the space provided in our "Exchange/Return Matter", alternatively, you may contact us at (65) 6582 5032.

All cases will be attended accordingly, but do note that our acceptance and action to each case of exchange/return may vary differently.

Upon our acceptance and reply, customers are expected to return and exchange the item(s) within Seven (7) days after receiving the delivered articles, however, such return/exchange shall limit to the following conditions as stated below:

Under a 'No Charge' condition

  1. If you have received a defective item.
  2. If an error has occurred whereby a wrong article has been delivered to you, different from the one that you have initially ordered, this shall also include a mistake in colour, design, quantity, or size matter.

For Point (a) and (b):- Upon receiving your notification to us, we shall contact you to make necessary arrangement for the right article(s) to be delivered to you at a soonest possible time with no charge.

Under a condition involving a 'Surcharge'

  1. If you wish to do an exchange for another design, colour or size type.
  2. If you have provided us with a wrong address for the delivery, or if there are no recipient in the house/office during the point of delivery and to carry out on a follow-up delivery arrangement.
  3. If you decide to change the delivery address after the specified time period as stated herein our Exchange & Return Policy.

For Point (c):- Customers may choose to do the exchange in our retail outlet to avoid any involving surcharge(s).

For Point (d) and (e):- A surcharge shall be imposed to the customer for any 2nd delivery being made, such amount(s) may vary under the discretion of the appointed delivery company.

Physical Condition of Exchange / Return Item

All exchanged or returned items must be unused, and to be in its original packaging with the tags intact. We reserved all rights to reject any item found to be improperly tampered during an exchange/return.

Delivery Matter – For 'No Show' Situation

In the case of a 'No Show' from the delivery company on the day of delivery and allocated timings, another delivery date/timing shall be arranged at a soonest possible time.

However, deliveries and services may wholly or partially be suspended and such suspension in the event of a stoppage or interruption of work in the establishment of either Kidz Like Us or the appointed Delivery Company during the delivery period as a result of strikes, lockouts, trade dispute, breakdown, accident, act of God or any other causes whatsoever beyond the control of Kidz Like Us and the Delivery Company. Such situations may cause a 'No Show' to occur.

About Credit Balance / For ‘Out-Of-Stock’ Situation

In the event where any size is temporarily unavailable and/or out-of-stock after an order has been processed. Any transacted amount to it will be refunded accordingly or such amount will be transferred into our system termed herein as a "Credit Balance".

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